A method (not ‘the’ method) for brewing a Hario V60. There are many, many such guides on the inter-webs so look around and adopt the one that gives you the best cup on a consistent basis. A lot more detail on this method can be found at

In general, because we roast light -it’s important to get the dosing of the coffee to water ratio correct -or at minimum pay attention to it. So a tighter coffee/water ratio will increase the body slightly -so something like 1/15 to 1/13 depending on how heavy you want the weight of the coffee mouth feel-wise. This method mirrors a classic drip, but with more control over the final cup (as say compared to an auto drip pot). It’s not as clean as a Chemex, but usually lighter than say a Bee House, Bonmac or Malita -which we find tends to lend the cup slightly more body. We chose this method often in the shop because it can be done relatively quickly and it seems less prone to do-overs. 

I think thematically you should notice from this series is that you need a scale and that you need to pay attention to whichever brew method you chose. That should ultimately be the take home message. Pay attention, weigh and let your palate push you further and to better brews (and of course, drink coffee at Sump). 


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